Our Team

We are your team!

I have surrounded myself with the most amazing staff that are here to help your dream become a reality. You will have a Project Manager as your main point of contact, Studio Assistant and Expert Coordinators on your team. On your wedding day we add additional coordinators based on the size and scope of your event. Our team not only strives for perfection, they demand it.
My wedding and event producers share my enthusiasm to design, organize and implement the most personal, unique and fabulous event possible. We are all here to assist in your wedding and event plans and offer multiple planning packages that suit your needs.

Regional Lead Coordinator

The Regional Lead Coordinator is your go to person from the time you sign your contract to the moments leading up to your event. Our project manager is there to be your support as they provide you with friendly knowledgeable advice. During the weekend of your event, you can trust them to be your eyes and ears. There may be times at your event where, you find yourself smiling at her from across the venue as she directs the catering staff or provides calming encouragement to your father before he begins his speech.

Studio Assistant

Your Studio Assistant does a lot of the behind the scenes projects and ensures that your task sheet is always on track, payment deadlines are timely and vendor questions are always answered. She will be with you and your family during the hours leading up to your event and even the days following the event.

Expert Coordinators

The team of Expert Coordinators are with you and your family during the entire weekend of your event to ensure that all details are timely and executed as promised. They will wake you up to get your day started and help you relax just before you enter your event. They are the first to arrive for setup and the last to leave. The friendly guidance and warm personalities of our team will be a constant and reassuring presence.

Our Professional Network

Vendor referrals are part of all packages and we feel honored to call these key players our friends, teammates and backbone to creating an event you have always dreamt of. It is our commitment to connect you with amazing photographers, expert caterers and most innovative decorators in the business. We have spent years building our strong network of industry leaders around the globe and want you to benefit from these relationships.