Kind Words

Nidhi Avashia, Bride, Orlando

Snehal and her team are amazing! She will work with you week by week leading up to your event to make sure it is a success. She is very professional as is her team and she is extremely knowledgeable and able to work with various people. During my wedding, I felt as if my bride coordinator was one of my close friends and the groom coordinator became one of our buddies! My wedding couldn't have gone the way it did without Snehal--flawless, smooth and memorable! Snehal makes you feel very comfortable and reassured. I highly recommend Réve.ology Events!

Bhargavi Patel, Cinderella Bridez, New York

Thank you Réve.ology Events team for creating a fabulous wedding this past weekend. It was such a pleasure working with Snehal and her team, You guys ROCK!!! Your personal values and your approach to business sets an excellent example for anyone to wants to be successful. We at Cinderella Bridez look forward to creating more beautiful events together in the future!! xoxo Bhargavi Patel

Eddie Bradley, Simply Cinematic, Orlando

From the time we stepped on the scene till the curtains closed, the all-star team at Réve.ology Events gave a performance worthy of an Oscar award. Each detail was precisely planned and every event was orchestrated in such away that the events flowed seamlessly. They are professionals that love what they do and know the best way to get things done. Honestly, that was probably the smoothest cultural wedding I've ever filmed, and this team was top-notch!

Anusha Patel, Parent's of the Bride, Atlanta

Although we were hesitant at first to hire a wedding planner, I soon began to see the benefits of having one. Snehal guides you through the whole process of picking a venue and overseeing the contract and recommending any changes needed or things to watch out for. As parents, we're doing this for the first time and she has done this many times, therefore able to tell us things we may miss. She guides the bride through choosing the right make-up artist, photographer, decorator, DJ, Food vendors and anything else you can think of. For us, the main benefits of having Snehal and her team was seen at the actual wedding weekend where we were able to enjoy the whole event and not worry about coordinating the vendors and set up of all the events. There were many times where we would have had to sort minor issues out, but she took care of it all. We found out many of the things that nearly went wrong, after the wedding was over which is great. Her team are on call and will help you out with just about anything. Timing is always critical at weddings and they all make sure the bride and groom are on time for everything. They also make sure the family members are on time as they are important to the equation too. The best thing was that we didn't have to worry about Nilam getting ready properly and on time. they are their constantly at her side, which leaves us free to get ourselves ready and have time with our guests. Overall, I would definitely recommend Snehal for those of you looking for a hassle free wedding done with class and style.

Vishal Patel, Groom, Tallahassee

Snehal/Réve.ology Team,
This is long overdue but better late than never. We can't believe it's already been 2 months since the big day! We just want to say a BIG Thank you to all of you. You all helped to make our wedding possible and you all did an extraordinary job! We could not have dreamed of or even imagined a better wedding. We will never forget how wonderful everything was and will always remember the smartest decision we made during wedding planning process was choosing Snehal, and all of our vendors to make my dreams come true! Whenever we look back on that day we will always think of how beautiful the wedding was because of Snehal and her crew.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Puja Nayee, Bride, Houston

I don't know what I would have done without you! As I told you before you have been a god sent angel! I know that you have gone above and beyond in a lot of the planning from what was required and I want to thank you for everything you have done so far.

I really think you have a gift from God, it makes you really good at what you do. The time and the heart that you put into your work doesn't go unseen. I just want to say thanks for working with my budget and finding the best deals out there for me. I know with the short time that we had it was a lot of work and still is...but I have no doubt and worries that the rest is going to turn out great.

Love you!!!!

Rasika Mathur, Comedian/Actress, Los Angeles

Snehal is not only a great wedding planner, but a pre-wedding planner! She is making sure mine happens! She organizes such phenomenal events. I only have the perspective of a vendor but I see how shes goes above and beyond to please all parties involved. Her way of being with people is her biggest asset as she is warm, supportive and so flexible and she becomes everyone's inner cheerleader. She makes every event feel like family. She makes each client feel special, has fantastic turnaround time, and is very loyal to those she works with. I highly recommend this remarkable woman to take the burden of planning wedding off of oneself or one's family, and turn it into a transformative journey.

Carolyn Carranza, Bride, Kingsport

Thank you sooo much for making sure our event was a success! We have really enjoyed getting to know you and working with you for almost 6 months. We came to you because we needed help coordinating our wedding weekend. Who knew it would be our 5 day crazy wedding weekend?! We really appreciate everything you did for us to make everything go flawlessly. You were always there to help out when I was freaking out with my busy work schedule. You were always professional, calm, helpful, creative, and friendly during the whole process. I don't know how you guys manage from week to week to put together weddings that run without a hitch. You guys are blowing up and we wish you all the best in the future! Please stay in touch! Again, thank you for everything!

Sahil K, Prime DJs, Atlanta

We have had the pleasure of working with Snehal Vara on a number of events over the last few years. Her work ethic, passion for her work and distinct personality truly make her an exceptional person to work with. Her extensive knowledge of what her vendors require and her ability to understand her client’s vision enable her to effectively communicate between a client and vendor. She works tirelessly with her vendors to ensure they meet and exceed her client’s expectations. Her attention to detail, foresight and experience ensure a seamless event. She is a perfectionist and meticulously works to produce guaranteed success for both her vendors and clients. Our experience in working with Snehal has been nothing short of perfect and we highly recommend her services.

Rainer Flor, Simply Cinematic, Orlando

Let's just say that Rève.ology Events is THE "creme de la creme" of Indian wedding planning. Snehal, and the rest of her team have been a blast to work with. A year ago, Snehal found us and gave us our first chance filming a full traditional Indian wedding, providing us with the cultural knowledge and guidance we needed to turn our first Indian wedding into a cinematic masterpiece. They are, without a doubt, the most organized, down to earth, tell it how it is, and fun event planners.

Andrea Constantineau, Hilton Walt Disney Resort, Orlando

I had the opportunity to work with Rève.ology Events this year and it was a more than pleasurable experience. Coming in after the contract was signed Snehal was very knowledgeable and understanding in getting what was in the best interest of her client as well as the hotel. Her team of planners came on site prior to the event to get familiar with the hotel as this event was a first between the Hilton Walt Disney and Rève.ology Events.

When it came time for the event their execution along with our hotel staff made it a perfect and seamless event for our clients. They had plenty of staff willing to help with any last minute details and their attention to detail was like I have never seen. They also brought with them a few vendors they regularly work with along with a few local Hilton recommended vendors for a memorable event. I look forward to working with Snehal and her team again in the near future to create more wonderful events.

Michelle Gainey, StudioWed, Atlanta

I have enjoyed working with Rève.ology Events. They truly have a passion for what they do and it shows in their work. Not only do they make the wedding day fun and enjoyable, but they work hard to ensure the day runs on time, is organized, and all the details are handled perfectly.

Amanda Gall, Bold American Events & Catering, Atlanta

An entourage of planners, stylishly presented and talented to boot! It is so incredible to show up to a planning meeting that is run effectively and efficiently (and it’s still fun!). The Rève.ology women have the client’s wishes in mind at all times and work tirelessly to see that all the ‘special day’ requirements are not only produced, but exceed all expectations with little happy surprises along the way.

Meggie Velasco, Meggie Velasco Photography, Chattanooga

The Rève.ology Events team put together fantastic events. They pay incredible attention to every detail and make every event a dream to photograph. Not only are the visual details a dream to photograph, but they take the time to coordinate all of the vendors involved to ensure everyone is constantly up to date on the detailed timing of the day or weekend. They don't just design a stunning event, but they truly take all the stress of planning an event off of your hands so you can stick to the fun stuff.

Amisha Desai, Bride, New York

I hired Snehal and her team 15 days before my wedding (even though I had over a YEAR to find a makeup artist in NY.) Not only were they amazing with my makeup and hair, but they did such a great job on my mom that everyone started calling her 'sexy auntie!' Even my videographer admitted that she took more footage of my mom than the groom!! After searching high in low in the tri-state area, I was so frustrated, but Snehal took away all those worries, and make me look beautiful all three days, and most importantly made me look DIFFERENT all three days. Without them to calm me and my mom and day of, my wedding weekend would have been a different experience. I'm so grateful that they were with me during this very stressful and important time!

Dimple Patel, Client, Macon

Deciding to have Rève.ology Events get me ready for my wedding was the best decision I made. Everything went by perfectly and I felt better than I could have ever imagined. I recommend you guys to every bride-to-be I know.

Anoli Patel, The Shaadi Story, New York

The Shaadi Story is a premier video production company which prides itself with providing an outstanding wedding video along with excellent customer service. Because of the nature of our work, it is critical that we surround ourselves with like-minded vendors who share similar goals and ideas with us. Rève.ology Events is one such vendor who we love working with!

We've had the honor and privilege of working alongside the Rève.ology Events Team and we were (and continue to be!) completely amazed by their talents. From their innovative decorative ideas to their unique approach for providing exceptional wedding planning and coordination services - we have watched Snehal her team produce extraordinary events for their brides.

In my experience of being in the wedding industry, it's the "little details" that really matter. Rève.ology Events does a fabulous job of creating unusual accents which create a theme, hence setting a very distinct tone for your wedding.
There's always something different about Rève.ology Events. You can just tell from the moment you enter one of their events!

Richard Israel, Art of Vision Photography, Charlotte

Rève.ology Events designed one of the most visually amazing events I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Every event was organized down to the last detail which enabled me as the photographer to flow in my creativity and have fun doing what I do.

Anjali Aurora, Client, Daufuskie Island

I've been meaning to thank you ever since the wedding. I hope you know how much I appreciated everything you did for us at our wedding. Beyond the makeup and hair looking fabulous, you really went out of your way to step in when others who were supposed to be helping us were nowhere to be found! I'm glad you all came to join us in the celebration at the reception and at the bonfire, because you really helped make everything special.

Because of my job, I'm guessing I will come in contact with many young women, planning their weddings and families, so I will definitely be recommending you. I wish we would have connected earlier in the wedding planning, but better late than never! I hope to see more of you as we get settled in our new married life in Atlanta.

Pelvi de Vries, Bride, Atlanta

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for everything you did during our wedding. I could not have been any happier with the end all turned out so beautifully. I cannot express enough how much fun you were to work with but at the same time, professional, dependable and accommodating. Thank you so much for everything!