Design & Coordination

You’re off to a great start, you know what is important to you and you’ve booked some of your main vendors…and now you are stuck. You know that you want an amazing wedding but you're a little overwhelmed with tasks that need to be done. Plus, you've still got a life to live: grad school, work, gym…
Have no fear! Wedding Design and Coordination takes the foundation of what you have started and help you tie it all together to create your dream wedding. With this package we provide all of the details as provided in the Comprehensive Wedding Production package with the consideration that your major vendors are secured. We will refer you to all remaining vendors, give you task lists to get you back on track, provide design and style ideas, and most importantly advice…lots of amazing advice!

Wedding Coordination

It’s your wedding…you been dreaming about it for as long as you can remember. Planning it for as long as you can remember…all the details that you once dreamt of are all coming together.

Your schedule is flexible and you have lots of free time to plan your wedding. You are organized, creative, and a designer at heart. Your fiancé enjoys being involved and is very helpful when it comes to bringing wedding details together. However, you need a team to take all these details and bring them all together so that you will have just what you want in a well-coordinated, seamless, beautiful wedding.
For those couples that wish to handle most of their planning and designing, we have the Wedding Coordination Package. With this package, you get all the perks of the Comprehensive Wedding Production Package however; you attend all meetings, handle negotiations and review of contracts. The unique detail with this package is we are by your side throughout the entire year of your planning process to provide you with endless advice, vendor recommendations, design ideas, etc. A few months before your wedding, we step in and set up all of your time lines, renderings, coordinate rehearsals, and most importantly, coordinate your entire event. The Wedding Coordination package will take your creation and dream and pull it all together.