While makeup was once considered a 'do-it-yourself' job, having makeup expertly applied on your big day is now regarded as just as important as getting your hair done professionally. Although you may apply your own makeup everyday and do a good job, you have probably never done makeup for an event before! There is so much to consider including choosing appropriate base and foundation for the lighting and weather conditions on the day and choosing colors that will photograph well and remain classic for years to come.

Our hair and makeup stylists work with professional photographers on a consistent basis. We understand how your hair and makeup will translate in film and know that you want to pop in pictures but still look like the best you in real life. Our licensed artists travel to you and come with strong experience in the fashion, print, film, video and special events industry. We will always arrange a trial makeup and hair session and provide lots of unique ideas and options. The trial is most critical so that you are at complete ease with the style chosen for your big day.

Our team has the ability to achieve any flawless look ranging from soft and natural to edgy in avant garde. It is our mission to inspire, create, and motivate. We hope to pursue all possibilities in art and life. Our artists intend to make a difference in the lives of the people they encounter by encouraging them embrace their own beauty.

We always practice safe & hygienic work practices. We pride ourselves in bringing out the natural, the adventurous, and the art in every person. We believe that everyone is a walking canvas, so just relax and let us make art before your eyes.